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By Sarah Zakzouk




Well, because the term 'wellness' is one of the most over-used terms in the dictionary, and I wanted to look at the concept from a different angle, using the idea of an equation, because sometimes A + B doesn't equal C. Wellness is often portrayed as a slightly fluffy concept, a term that is all-inclusive to suit your needs. The thing is, the concept can also be divisive. What you see as wellness and wellbeing might be quite different to someone else's interpretation. I want this brand to explore the divide, to be a space to discuss and debate, taking the literal division to a virtual place.



Wellness Division is a lifestyle brand that offers a variety of services, with the aim of creating healthy spaces - whether that be your own personal space, your business offering and corporate wellness focus, or how you communicate to your audience as a brand. There is no single solution when it comes to health/ fitness/ wellness, so this is about finding your formula and making it work for you.

The brand ethos follows a pyramid approach: Coaching, Community and Communication because these are the pillars of Sarah's approach to Wellness. Her background in Publishing and Content Marketing lends itself to her work with the strategy and business side of the fitness industry, having worked on the project management of numerous start-ups in Dubai, to build the community and communication facets of the business. 

When it comes to coaching, this is where Sarah's real passion comes into play - working with people, understanding their goals, and helping her clients achieve tangible results. Sarah is a certified STOTT Pilates trainer and Level 3 Personal Trainer, with experience in special populations and pre- and post-natal cases. She teaches group classes in mat and reformer Pilates, and her style is a mix of Pilates and functional training, which works to complement any style of fitness, to ensure that you focus on form, function and posture for everyday health benefits and everyday movement.

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