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Copywriting Tips: Building a Brand Tone of Voice

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Copywriting Starter Guide: How to Communicate Your Brand Story Through Copywriting and SEO

You want your brand to stand out in a crowd? Well this comes from communication, through clever and targeted copywriting and SEO optimisation. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation refers to the use of a keyword strategy - using specific, key words to tell a story through word usage. We all know that person who rambles on and on without really getting to the point, and though we may love them for their enthusiasm and colourful use of language, we also want them to get to the point, right? Well this is the same thing - getting to the point and letting people know that you mean business.

SEO services can be found online quite easily, but you're going to want those writers to understand your brand, to give your brand a personality, otherwise your script can come across quite robotic. The skill is to incorporate the word mechanics with the overall story and tonality of your brand persona.


Why is Your Brand's Personality Important? And How Can SEO Help?

Giving your brand a personality is the starting point to your communication strategy. As social beings, we work on connection and communication; we thrive off people's energy, and it goes both ways - they're expecting you to match theirs. The same goes for your brand communication strategy, how your brand 'socialises' with the world and engages with people, enticing them with words, imagery, and energy. So let's find ways to create the energy, the buzz around your business!

The Importance of Copywriting & SEO

Our attention spans are much shorter than they once were, thanks to the rise of social media and our rapid consumption of content through incessant scrolling, and bombardment from all digital directions. But there is a difference between creating content, and creating quality content. Here are a few things to consider:

Is Your Content Relevant?

You want your brand to remain relevant and to stay true to its story. SEO is how we create content that pulls from relevant online searches - from the keywords that people are typing into search engines to locate the information or product that they are looking for. Through specific copywriting and SEO optimisation, you will be writing content that is very much relevant to what your audience is in search of.

Are You Targeting Your End Consumer?

Create a strategy to target and engage an audience of people that will show conversion. At the end of the day, we are creating this content for a reason - it has to serve a purpose, and that purpose is ultimately conversion. It is all very well having people click on your image, or website, or video, but do they actually do what you want and need them to? For example, we can achieve hundreds, if not millions of 'Likes' on a social media post, but what we are looking for is engagement and buy-in, right?

Are You Engaging Your Audience?

Your discourse should be engaging and entertaining to some degree, depending on what it is that you offer, and the language you choose will be your tool for engagement. This is definitely a skill, and it's about finding a tone of voice that people resonate with and gravitate to in some way. You will have built your foundation with SEO and your keyword search, which will lead people to you, but now you need to add a bit more personality to actually keep them there, to make them stay.

Establishing Trust

You want your tone of voice to be trustworthy, to bring value in some way, so that clients resonate with you and what you are offering, otherwise how do you expect them to part with their money, with their time? Think of this as a conversation you are having with a friend; it's a two-way street, so having an expectation from them comes with a requirement from you, and maintaining that two-way process will be dependant on an element of trust, through consistency, good customer service in order to build brand loyalty and a strong community.

Think about a brand (this can be a person of course) or a company that you follow or interact with, and think about why it is that you resonate with them. Would you be willing to buy a product or service from them? Is trust an important factor for you? How do they add value to your life? Use this personal experience or interaction as a starting point for how you want to create your own brand narrative, and take it from there.

Are You Ready to Create Your Content Strategy?

It’s time to start applying these basic SEO and copywriting tips to your business strategy. Think about the story you want to tell, and make it relevant. Which brands do you personally engage with and why do you buy from them? Your target audience is the main thing, the people to whom you will sell your service and communicate with on a regular basis.

If you need help building your story and ongoing content plan, feel free to reach out.

To book a consultation click here.

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