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Sarah is an incredible instructor. She introduced me to reformer Pilates and awakened a beast. Sarah’s classes are energetic, fun and technically on point. My body has transformed as much as my confidence. I feel strong, toned and healthy. To get into her class was harder than getting an invitation to the Met Gala and getting up at 6am to get a spot was worth it. There is no better way to start your day.

Aoife Baxter

I love that with Sarah’s training it’s all about sustainable body transformations, about building strength and toning your body. She takes time to understand each client’s abilities and is very careful to respect each person’s limitations, finding a solution to it rather than pushing through and risking damage. Sarah has helped me improve my posture by focusing on strengthening my back muscles and is the only trainer I have worked with who truly understands the limitations of post-natal issues. I look forward to my sessions with her.

Divya Narayanan

When it comes to Pilates the trainer is key, and Sarah has been amazing putting me back on track after so many years, helping me get my strength back. Her attention to detail makes the whole difference!

Nadine Kanso

Training with Sara has helped me understand my body, push my strength to a level I never thought I could reach. She considers your body goals; you achieve fast results with a clear understanding of how to fit this process into your daily life.

Fatima Alshirawi

One-to-one Pilates sessions with Sarah are truly phenomenal. Always identifying areas of improvement and navigating the workout to address them. Pretending to be tired and worked out will not fool her; do not expect an easy way out.

Rami Yousef

I first met Sarah during megaformer workouts and she helped me build a strong core and body. Then Covid hit, and Sarah came to the rescue through virtual PT sessions where she actually managed to strengthen and realign my body and soul during a time of high anxiety and stress (as a mom of 3 kids on distant learning during a pandemic). Sarah became a mentor and a friend and I value her presence in my life beyond words.

Yasmine Idriss

Sarah knows what she is doing! She helped transform my body post pregnancy and helped me gain my confidence back. Sarah might have the only class that doesn’t feel like a 50-minute workout, but somehow delivers results from day one. I am definitely not the only one who has had such a great experience with Sarah; our Pilates classes have dropped by 50 percent since she left.

Ellie Kressner

I had the opportunity to do a few Pilates lessons with Sarah. I haven’t seen many trainers who will look after you and adjust the intensity levels as well as her, as I was still recovering from a back and hip injury. Clear instructions, amazing encouragement. Wish she still was at my gym!

Irfan Dhirani

I’ve been training with Sarah for the past year in different classes, including Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates - I can tell you she has targeted muscles I never knew existed! She’s an amazing instructor with incredible patience and takes the time to guide you through your fitness journey. You’ll be able to see results quickly! Her wide knowledge and experience shows during her classes. Can’t recommend her enough :)

Nour Hammo

Sarah is incredible! She changed the way I look at my body and helped me shape it in just a few months. The variety of exercises kept it challenging and exciting. Her classes are not only physical but also mindful - she continuously reminds us to be conscious of the muscles we are activating while working out, making it even more powerful and beneficial.

Caline Bahous

As a client with several issues, Sarah was sympathetic and resourceful in finding training options that would work for my body whilst still achieving goals. Great to have a trainer that would find solutions so I didn’t feel totally useless.

Sue Sidebottom

Sarah’s classes are addictive. She is really precise about each student's movement and always correct us to maximize the benefits of each pose.
You will feel the result after each class, with your body getting stronger bit by bit. After just a few weeks you will really be able to notice the difference in your body’s shape and your stamina.

Valerie Bodineau

For almost a year training with Sarah, I saw improvements in my body when it came to shape and strength as she focuses on techniques that help you improve your core. I always find training with her very useful and fun at the same time!

Fatma Khalil

The training experience was amazing. Sarah supported me to overcome my fear; using the reformer machine more efficiently, she showed me how to activate the right muscles with each exercise.

Mariam Mohamed

Training with Sara was a love/hate kind of relationship! Love her for the amazing energy, the workouts and the results, but hate her for making me work so hard! Every workout is different and she pushes you to your max while maintaining a safe and fun environment.

Randa Armoush

Lessons with Sarah have changed my opinion about Pilates. It’s so fun and so challenging for my body. Thank you for giving me the power to try more with my body.

Gullen Kennett

Sarah was my first instructor when I started with reformer Pilates. She is approachable and friendly and gets to know her students! She knows when to push and just how much. Her classes are fun and energizing, which for me is very important as I was never a keen exerciser, but she made me want to get up each morning and come to class! I recommend Sarah, especially to anyone who hasn’t done Pilates before.

Shahmeen Sheikh

Sarah is welcoming and gives you a GREAT workout. She is nurturing in her approach and always plays the best music to get you in the mood. I feel strong and fit from her sessions.

Abeer Salman

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